What is your real name?

My real name is Fazekas Dániel Demeter.

Where are you from? and where are you currently based out of?

I was born in Carei, Romania and then moved to Budapest in 2005, where I am currently based.

What’s the degree you are seeking at your university?

I am currently in my third year of studying Graphic Arts at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. I specialize in painting.

Do you listen to your own music while you paint?

Sometimes; it can also be a good opportunity to ask others working in the same studio as me what they think of my music. I also get to see how they react to my music, which is something I don’t get to see when I upload it online.

Can we see where you make your music?

Who inspires you?

I became interested in music after meeting this guy who was already making lofi hiphop samples in 2011. He’s known as Mujo. We met during a hike through a forest where he played some of his music from his phone. It was in that instant that I decided I also want to create chilled out music. The very next day I downloaded Fruiti Loops studio and started making beats. To this day I’m inspired by Mujo and listen to his music.

I’m most influenced by Dj Krust,  B-Side, Samiyam as well as Joe Corfield, who has some great dynamic boom bap beats in his music. I’m also a fan of Chairman Maf’s and Mr. Slipz’s work.

Where did your name come from/ how did you come up with it?

I first used FL studio, in which there’s a plug-in called Sakura. Sakura is also the name of a Japanese string instrument. This is in part where the Eastern influence in my music comes from, as well as from Mujo, who’d use beats from the soundtrack of old ninja films.

You have a high amount of eastern culture influence in your music, this style is associated a lot with the anime community. How do you feel about the high saturation of anime in beatmaking to give off the same vibe? Does this style seem lazy to you?

I find the culture interesting to some extent, although I know anime plays a huge role in it. To be honest, anime hasn’t had that much of an impact on me personally. In my music, I try use instruments and elements that I find interesting and exciting. This is something I’ve done especially in my latest album, ‘Haru’. So far what I’ve tried to do when making music is to combine a boom bap structured beat with the world of lofi music. I slow down the drums. I then try add something like a dynamic rap and use a kind of rhythm that creates a certain atmosphere, to give a kind of background story to the music. I try make sure each element is something you can listen to on its own. I’ve been hugely influenced by Dj Krush, whether it’s by the sound or feeling of his music. After all, he’s the King of Trip hop, and I’ve been listening to his music for years.

I recently got a hold of an sp 404, which was crazy because I could mix the drums and samples much more easily and the whole thing was a lot more energetic, whereas when I work with MPC studio, Ableton or FL studio, I find the post structural editing makes the music less powerful. I think a sequencer can be quite useful but that for me personally it can be a bit limiting, whereas with an sp 404 I’m a lot braver to be original and I can experiment a lot more with it.

I don’t use anime in my music and think there are other ways of creating an Eastern atmosphere.

It is lazy in my opinion to just use samples from anime, it’s very easy to do and doesn’t require any creativity. A lot of lofi music is mass produced in this way and it’s done by a bunch of people on soundcloud. Music should be multifaceted. If I could, I’d write all of my own music.

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